Microsoft SQL Server

"Everything we do involves people and process. We always bridge the two so that we have a full, well-defined picture of our clients’ goals and objectives. It helps start a conversation between technical teams and management that produces greater alignment. "
— Pythian Advanced Technology Consulting Group


Microsoft SQL Server is a powerful platform. To realize its full benefits and ensure the stability of their data systems, enterprises need support from a team with a deep understanding of its capabilities. Pythian’s DBAs have years of technical expertise and experience in all aspects of Microsoft SQL Server. Along with core database administration, Pythian’s SQL teams have extensive knowledge in virtualization, disaster recovery, and high availability solutions.

Every day, we help clients manage complex issues in all aspects of monitoring, replication, tuning, upgrading, migrating, auditing, and reporting to fully optimize their business performance. Our consultants include authors, speakers, college instructors—all with varying certification levels, including:

  • Microsoft SQL Server Certified Master
  • Microsoft SQL Server  MVP
  • Microsoft Certified Trainer
  • Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator
  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert for SQL Server


Pythian has extensive expertise in multiple Microsoft SQL Server disaster recovery and high availability technologies, including AlwaysOn Availability Group and Microsoft SQL Server Clustering.

  • AlwaysOn Availability Group provides an enterprise-level alternative to database mirroring. It takes database mirroring to a whole new level by allowing groups of databases to failover as a single unit. Pythian’s Microsoft SQL Server experts are always on the cutting edge of new technologies and can help you plan, design, and implement AlwaysOn Availability Group as part of your organization’s upgrade strategy.
  • Microsoft SQL Server Clustering is a native high-availability Microsoft technology that allows entire database servers to be redundant in every aspect. Clustering is one of many high availability options available. Pythian’s Microsoft SQL Server professionals can help you determine if clustering is right for you, and help you architect and deploy the best solution to meet your needs and fit your budget.


Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) is a technology included with most versions of Microsoft SQL Server that can be used to load data into a database, manipulate data, and transfer data between servers and files. Pythian’s expert DBAs can help you create new SSIS packages, tune your existing packages, or audit your setup, so you can easily move packages between development, test, and production environments.


Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services provides online analytical processing capabilities tightly integrated with the core Microsoft SQL Server database engine to be used for business intelligence applications. Whether it’s a multidimensional or a tabular model, our experts can help with prototyping, deployment, tuning, and ongoing management of Analysis Services. For reporting needs, Pythian’s experts can also provide their expertise for the development, management and troubleshooting of Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services.


Microsoft SQL Server offers several in-memory technologies that push the boundaries of performance and take full advantage of today’s multi-core, large memory servers. Pythian’s consultants can help you decide where these features might fit inside your solutions, the best way to deploy them, and caveats that you need to be aware of.


Microsoft SQL Server to Oracle Replication
Microsoft SQL Server supports heterogeneous replication for both transactional and snapshot replications. This feature allows you to use Microsoft SQL Server replication even when there are different types of databases within your environment. Our Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle experts exchange their knowledge to deliver top-notch support throughout the planning, set up, maintenance, and troubleshooting phases of the Oracle-to-Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft SQL Server-to-Oracle replication.

Microsoft SQL Server Replication
Microsoft SQL Server replication is a technology that allows you to synchronize data, production, and reporting environments, and even database objects between databases. It prevents analysts from slowing down the production environments and allows them to further aggregate the data. Once in place, it’s completely automated. Pythian’s DBA experts can help you determine which data synchronization option is best for your organization.


Below is a partial list of the technologies and products we work with.

  • Microsoft SQL Server (2000, 2005, 2008 R2, 2012, 2014)
  • Performance tuning, T-SQL coding, and optimization
  • High availability/Disaster recovery (Clustering, Log Shipping, Mirroring)
  • Replication
  • Integration Services (SSIS) and general ETL development
  • Business Intelligence: SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) and  SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)
  • Infrastructure and database design
  • Security and auditing
  • Backups
  • Version upgrades, server migrations, and consolidations


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