"We enjoy putting all of the technical pieces together to create a strategy for our clients. We’re passionate about helping them choose the right technology that aligns with their business goals. "
— Pythian MySQL Team


When critical technical issues arise, you need swift and effective resolutions from knowledgeable experts. Pythian’s MySQL team brings 76 combined years of MySQL and MongoDB database administration experience to each issue we face. We’re deeply invested in delivering the most relevant and up-to-date database management practices to our clients. Our team members are frequent presenters at conference and hold multiple certifications, including:

  • MySQL Cluster certified experts
  • MySQL Database certified professionals
  • MySQL Developer certified professionals
  • M102 MongoDB certifications
  • Certified Hadoop, Oracle, and system administration professionals

Pythian delivers high availability, clustering, and replication solutions to ensure you can access your business-critical information securely, and without any downtime. Whether working alongside your DBA team, or as your team, we’ll provide the support you need with minimum impact to your customers. We have a solid track record of successfully applying the right technologies so your enterprise stays highly operational.


MySQL database powers some of the world’s largest social networks and web-based businesses. We have vast experience designing, launching, and supporting MySQL architectures—both Community and Enterprise Editions—of any complexity or size. From small modifications, to huge installations with hundreds of MySQL servers, we manage the technical complexity and keep performance at its peak.


MySQL Cluster is a very powerful and intricate technology that delivers 99.999% availability—ideal for mission-critical data systems. We will help you evaluate, design, and deploy a MySQL Cluster solution or audit and tune your existing solution to bring your database infrastructure to a new level.


MySQL Galera Cluster is a relatively new third-party MySQL clustering solution that provides unique replication and node-management features, allowing you to build scalable, highly available clusters. Pythian has deep technical expertise and can help you evaluate and deploy Galera Cluster for a more robust infrastructure.


Although high availability is one of the most critical business requirements, MySQL doesn’t provide any out-of-the-box high availability solutions. We’ve helped large enterprises around the world build resilient, highly available MySQL infrastructures using proven open-source technologies, like Linux-Heartbeat, Red Hat Cluster, MySQL Master High Availability, and others.


Tungsten uses a Java-based replication layer that replaces standard MySQL replication. While you can continue using the same MySQL distribution without any compatibility issues, adding a new layer to your infrastructure can introduce risks and increase complexity. Pythian experts can help you mitigate these risks so your database infrastructure remains highly available and performs at its peak.


Below is a partial list of the technologies and products we work with:

  • Storage engines (MyISAM, InnoDB, XtraDB, Archive, Memory, Blackhole, CSV, Federated, Merge, Sphinx, Aria, and more)
  • Maria DB
  • MySQL Cluster (NDB storage engine)
  • Galera Cluster
  • MySQL Master High Availability (MHA)
  • MySQL Replication (Master-Slave, Master-Master setup)
  • Tungsten Replicator
  • MongoDB document-oriented database (dynamic schemas and stores documents)
  • NoSQL non-relational databases
  • High scalability (horizontal scaling, sharding (partitioning))
  • High availability (replica sets)


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