No matter where your business-critical data is housed—Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Hadoop, Cassandra, MongoDB, Neteeza, Vertica— Pythian can help. Our elite teams of database architects, engineers, and administrators provide comprehensive transformation and optimization services for the entire lifecycle of your data systems. From database design, cloud migration, capacity planning, upgrades, performance tuning, and recovery, to round-the-clock monitoring, problem detection, and resolution, our on-demand deep expertise and broad skills help you innovate faster—now.

Our experience comes from managing thousands of data-driven applications across multiple operating environments and all industries. We’ve designed, deployed, and managed some of the world’s most complex and valuable database systems.

Benefits of working with Pythian

  • Quickly adopt new technologies for faster innovation
  • Optimize your entire application lifecycle
  • Lower ongoing database operational costs
  • Improve differentiation and speed to market with continuous transformation and operational excellence



Pythian has some of the best, most respected Oracle professionals in the industry—available on demand to design, support, and optimize your most complex, challenging, and mission-critical Oracle environments. As industry pioneers and thought-leaders, we participate in beta programs, customer advisory boards, and partner advisory programs. Working with Pythian means working with industry-leading experts, who consistently deliver the highest standards of technical competence, client responsiveness, service continuity, reliability, and business value.

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Microsoft SQL Server

Our Microsoft SQL Server teams consist of some of the world’s most recognized SQL Server experts—highly qualified and experienced Microsoft MVPs and MCMs at your service to plan, execute, and manage your SQL Server environment. We will optimize your systems and business performance by managing complex issues, monitoring, replication, tuning, upgrading, migrating, auditing, and reporting—whatever you need for continuous innovation.

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With its unique features, its excellent performance, and its open-source nature, MySQL is an ideal candidate for cloud deployments. However to get the most from MySQL, you need to combine multiple components and have a thorough understanding of the entire MySQL ecosystem. Pythian’s MySQL experts have vast experience in designing, implementing, and supporting MySQL architectures of any complexity or size. Our extensive knowledge of both MySQL Community and Enterprise Editions means we can help you evaluate which one makes sense for your business.

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Used by companies such as Netflix, EBay, and Cisco, Cassandra is a massively scalable NoSQL database designed to handle real-time big data workloads. But moving from test to production is often operationally challenging, especially with new data storage technologies. We can help you leverage Cassandra’s key strengths and derive the highest value outcome for your business.  Our extensive experience in managing large data systems and running Cassandra at scale, combined with our proven operational processes and talented teams, provides you with key expertise to plan, implement, and fully manage your Cassandra solution.

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MongoDB is a scalable, high-performance, open source NoSQL database ideal for real-time big data requirement . Pythian clients typically use MongoDB to improve response times, to achieve higher availability, to lower operational overhead, and to reduce cost of ownership. Adopting new technologies is a challenge in any organization, but not for Pythian experts who have the experience to integrate MongoDB into your data architecture. Our highly skilled teams can help you determine if MongoDB is a good fit for you. And once a plan is in place, Pythian will help you deploy the cluster, add nodes, optimize it, tune it for your workloads, and continuously monitor for ongoing optimization.



We’ve acted as trusted advisors to clients with sophisticated big data teams. We’ve filled knowledge gaps in our clients’ existing teams. We’ve been their team. Whatever your need, Pythian will get you there quickly. Working with multiple clients, each with their own customized data system, gives us a unique perspective that translates into deep skills in all aspects of big data. We produce results tailored to your environment and to your business objectives by defining a strategy, choosing and architecting a platform, and tuning and monitoring the platform in production.

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