Leveraging your data can help you improve your business intelligence capabilities, develop better processes, grow revenues and create differentiated user experiences. Getting there starts with gathering the right data, breaking down the silos, integrating it, and making it usable—but the real magic comes when you translate data into useful insights.

At Pythian, we combine our expertise in data and emerging technologies with proven methodologies to help you develop your data strategy, gather and integrate your data, and analyze and incorporate insights into your products, services, processes, and software systems.

We can expedite your data initiatives, help you avoid pitfalls, demonstrate short-term success, and transfer knowledge into your organization.

Enterprise Data Solution Components

Data Strategy Development

Develop a business-driven data strategy that supports your corporate objectives and helps you use data to make business decisions. This includes data collection, data quality, data organizing, data storage, data management, data analytics, and data access, and data governance.

This also includes the development of business and technology architecture alignment, data and infrastructure assessment, solution roadmap business case and ROI development, POC piloting, and key technology selection.

Data Planning and Implementation Services

Design and implement a scalable integrated enterprise data service or product that will give your business users and systems automated access to to the data and insights they need, where, when, and how they need it.

This includes data warehouse creation, analytics system creation, and automated systems access to data, project management, application configuration, interface development, custom solution deployment, instance consolidation, data migration, loading, and integration.

Advanced Analytics Services

Our data science experts can help you extract hidden value from your data to give you new insights into your business. This includes insight visualization for business users, streaming data and real-time analytics, sales and marketing analytics, big data analytics, predictive modeling, and advanced analytics including algorithm development.

Data Solution Management Services

Pythian provides 24×7 coverage and operational data system support, 365 days a year, so you and your team can sleep at night knowing your data systems are always available, reliable, responsive, and scalable.

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